Better Textbook Management Means Better Budget Management.

Destiny Textbook Manager™ helps you make sure students have access to the textbooks they need to achieve critical learning goals. It gives you a powerful, easy and practical approach to streamline textbook management district wide. With Follett Software’s Destiny Textbook Manager supporting your textbook distribution, tracking and ordering processes, you’re destined for success.

  • Give your third largest expenditure the attention it needs and easily ensure the right number of books go to the right schools.
  • Track textbooks to reduce the estimated five to10% that are lost each year and save thousands of dollars.
  • Ensure students have the required textbooks for their classes by using a centralized, standardized process for textbook management that gives you consistent, accurate and cost-effective reporting.

Like it so far? Here’s what’s it can do for school-based staff:

  • Access status, condition and usage data on every textbook.
  • Streamline transfers of textbooks with other schools in the district to reduce replacement book costs.
  • Establish student and teacher accountability with easy-to-use distribution and collection procedures.
  • Use automated email fee/fine reminders when textbooks are due to reduce lost books and track obligations for damaged ones.
  • Forecast needs based on enrollment and support inventory processes.

And for district administrators and facilities management staff:

  • Get status and availability of materials on demand at all locations in the district.
  • Streamline physical inventory, request and transfer processes and payment for lost and damaged resources.
  • Eliminate purchasing redundancies by optimizing existing resources.
  • Reduced losses and lower replacement costs free critical budget dollars for other expenditures.

What about technology staff?

  • Eliminate buying and maintenance of multiple workstation applications with a single-server installation.
  • Reduce maintenance with proven technologies that include centralized, browser-based functionality and an industry-standard database (SQL Server), with secure (HTTPS) access provided within a wide area network or via the Internet.
  • Easy to use standard and customized reporting options provide compatibility with third-party applications.
  • Access Mac® or Windows® workstations, or a combination of both with web browser technology.

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